Welcome to the Cemetary

"Neopet Cemetary" is a portmanteau of the childrens website "Neopets.com" and Stephen King's "Pet Sematary," with a little twist on the spelling. It is a homage to my enduring love of the creepy, cute, weird, or thought provoking. This website serves as a memorial to time, humanity, technology, the earth, and myself during a time where things grow more uncertain every day.

I am but a small worm upon the rotting corpse of the earth. The view from the cemetary is great, I acan see the mountains and lake. But at the same time I'm surrounded by beings in mourning. Life is both lyrical and uncomfortable and hilarious, the disparate tones are confusing and my feet can't find the rhythm, but as hazel once said, "Life has a tone problem." This blog is both my record of and my reaction to that tone problem. A bottomless aching love letter to the world.

Basically - life is a long abandoned angelfire website and I'm just a broken pixel. My ultime goal here, both for this site, my art, and my life is to unify overwhelming darkness with bellyaching silliness and magical whimsy.

ƉƖƧƆ˩ΔƖѦЄЯ: Ƥℓɛαƨɛ ∂ιƨяɛɢαя∂ αиʏ тʏρσƨ αи∂ ƨρɛℓℓιиɢ ɛяяσяƨ, тнɛяɛ ιƨ иσ αʋтσ-cσяяɛcт σи иɛσcιтιɛƨ =-) {Ƥɛяƨσиαℓℓʏ Ɩ тнιиκ ιт α∂∂ƨ тσ тнɛ ƉƖƳ cнαям}


6/12/2022 - New bloggy! Check it out.

5/13/2022 -EDIT: I found something strange in the code! I linked it in the sidebar under "do not enter!" It's very distrubing, I've stumbled across snuff vids on youtube and random crime scene photos before in my time on the web, but I've never seen anything like this before...Click at your own discretion!

Happy Friday the 13th! I updated the blog yesterday and today I changed the theme around and worked on the site in general.

5/12/2022 - Major theme overhall, thanks to repth. Gettin refamiliarized with html after a small hiatus. Expanded description and added a link here from my tumblr. Going to try to work on the other pages of neocem.

3/18/2022 - Just adding a little bit here and there. changed the background again, can't decide on a definitive layout. Added to the links on the side bar.

2/17/2022 - I am working hard on getting this site up and running. I am satisfied with the welcome/entry page, i like the archaic look. Getting familiar with CSS and html. Still figuring out style sheets